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Thursday, April 21, 2016

In tribute to so much loss of talent in 2016: Someone Great

In tribute to ~

Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince and so many others who chose to leave in 2016.

LCD Soundsystem's tune seems an appropriate choice to address the gaping hole left where their unique brilliance once shined so brightly for so long in our world.

Take nothing for granted.  

Life is so fragile.

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Success" by singer songwriter, Nellie McKay (pssst! It's about Bernie Sanders!)


Written & performed by Nellie McKay

i told her not to cry anymore

i told her not to fight in his war

life was a waste there in a sunday school parade i..

wake up with a rush to the head

pour some coffee and force my dinner

air crisp and the tail lights red

scuttle right now they're getting dimmer

don'tcha know i said this could not be true

anyone could see i's due but you

spend time in your subaru

you got all the perks

is this the scene it ought to be

doesn't seem quite possible

is this the free economy

doesn't seem quite logical

they say hard work is happiness

bang bang bang there goes the bell

i'm heading right towards success

agua fresca, agua pura...

agua fresca, agua pura...

yo le dije no a llorar - i told her not to cry

yo le dije no a limpiar - i told her not to clean

el ascensor no se detendrĂ­a en nube--the elevator would not stop on cloud...

despertar a toda prisa - wake up hastily

encienda el televisor - turn the tv on

comer beber vestirse ir - eat drink dress go

ni un minuto para pensar - not a minute to think

don'tcha know i said it could not be right

anyone could see i'm dyin tonight

getting by on overtime

we got all the work

is this the boon it ought to be

maybe it ain't happened yet

is this the new democracy

doesn't seem compassionate

i hate the time and stretch latex

bang bang bang there goes the bell

i'm heading right towards success

ladies we gather ranks today

to be rather frank in saying

we have been wronged and we've all had enough

come sister join with us

here out on the picket line

you will have a grand old time

sister can you spare a sign

walk the circle take your time

you will not be left behind

sister can you spare a sign

there may be better days but let it be done

let it be done

let it be done

here out on the picket line

you will have a grand old time

sister can you spare a sign

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A video of fabulous celebrity endorsements for Bernie Sanders 2016! Must see!

An amazing array of talent speaking from their heart about why they stand with Bernie Sanders in his run for president 2016.

Speakers include Danny DeVito, Killer Mike, Susan Sarandon, Art Garfunkel, Dick Van Dyke, Spike Lee, Seth Macfarlane, Alan Cumming, Graham Nash, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Mark Ruffalo to Sarah Silverman.

This is a must see. Watch --

Published on Mar 29, 2016
Danny DeVito 00:00
Killer Mike 01:49
Susan Sarandon 03:56
Art Garfunkel 04:33
Dick Van Dyke 05:21
Spike Lee 05:49
Seth Macfarlane 06:48
Alan Cumming 09:16
Graham Nash 09:43
Danny Glover 10:24
Harry Belafonte 10:55
Mark Ruffalo 12:14
Sarah Silverman 13:52

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why I support Bernie Sanders for president of the United States

I support Bernie Sanders for president because I believe the Sanders plans for a better future are most in line with what personally matters to me as a middle class mom of two teens, one of which has a severe peanut allergy, who is also now in college. I firmly believe his solutions are not only most in line with what matters to me but actually make the most sense. 

Here's why:

  • I know he will fight the pharmaceutical corruption driving up the high medical costs of caring for a kid with a severe peanut allergy: Including outrageous costs of life-saving epi pens. 
  • I know he will fight global warming alongside really protecting our public health! This is very important to me.
  • He will change laws which now put big biz in charge of pretty much everything. He will fight for those of us who are not billionaires. 
  • I know he deeply cares about lowering the cost of eduction. 
  • Right now my child's in her first year of college and she slaved to get her scholarships. However, it wasn't enough to cover her college tuition. So, she and we will still be paying huge costs for her student loans for years just so can attend college. We fear this situation will be even worse in the future when it comes time for our younger child to go to college.  
  • Bernie's plan is the most comprehensive for changing this new college-cost-Hell. Higher education costs are outrageous. This must change dramatically for our nation to succeed and be the most educated, qualified country of the world, for our future. To thrive and remain a global leading nation, then we must educate and educate broadly. 
  • He is also for a universal health care which my parents (they live in Vermont and say their medical cost is less detrimental and as confusing than our is here in CA. They are elderly and love living in Vt. ) I am sick of the insurance plans making medical care so confusing with unexpected fees all over the map. Plus we pay more now but still have super high deductibles. Lower our stress about affording our medications! Give us a simple, fair, ethical way to get meds so we can fairly afford medications for our families.
  • I know he is deeply committed to fighting global warming. This is key for me. If you look at the unexpectedly high rise of food allergies and peanut allergies it follows the same graph arc as the rising temperature of our global environment.  
  • While it can't be proven I personally suspect the dramatic, inexplicable rise of spectrum disorders and allergies/asthmas are all associated with the dramatic rise in our global carbon dioxide levels. This, also, makes me a Bernie supporter.  

What else? He is kind, extremely qualified, he is not bribable, he can be trusted, he truly cares about the 'every man' and I think right now we have a historic chance to change our nation's narrative to one of extreme greatness.  

This is all why I feel Bernie Sanders is not only the candidate we need, but must have for our nation, and our world be one of prosperity, success, hope and even joy, again.

Won't you join with me and vote for Bernie? --  I hope so.

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