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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Open letter to some of my Hillary-supporting, fellow Democrat friends, in response to "The Clinton Contamination" by Maureen Dowd.

-- Published July 9th, 2016 in The New York Times.

Dear friends.

I love you and miss you.  And I hope we will remain friends post election, I truly do.  But, things have gotten testy lately amongst our own team.

I feel that this recent Dowd piece "The Clinton Contamination" published yesterday in The New York Times speaks to one of the (many) reasons why.  Or rather, why I would be more comfortable with someone like Sanders, as president, than say, someone...else. 
Relax, I will come around. However, try to hear us out first as to why we feel concerned, before accusing us of being narrow-minded. Try to understand where we are coming from.
Everyone knows she got more votes and will be the nominee. But stop being impatient with Sanders & his supporters for his holding out in endorsing her prior to securing her promises to champion his policy ideas which got Sanders an impressive 13,000,000 votes. 13,000,000 of us love and trust Sanders and have found him to be more inspirational, trustworthy, sincere and transparent. This cannot be denied. And right now -- this is a huge issue. More than ever.
Right now our hearts are broken by national news. We see a country which has not dealt with the evils of racism yet. We see a world crumbling under the crushing blows caused by severe global warming, we see a world divided by not just national, but global racial predjudice. We see terrorism threaten us at home and abroad. We need a leader who is unquestionably trustworthy to lead and inspire us. Now more than ever. 
Of course we know Hillary was wrongly crucified by partisan witch hunts. We championed her in standing up to that. She handled many unfair events with astonishing grace and a steel strength. However, there have been times when some have felt greater transparency on her part would have helped her more. Sanders has been very transparent - which is why he is more trusted. We are seeking a leader outside the status quo of politics. Without strings attached, who leads not from a personal agenda, but from a tireless drive to make our country fair, equal and competitive with the changes other countries have already made. This has to be someone willing to take chances and push for changes even if they are outside the mainstream. 
My point? Please don't blame him or his supporters for not jumping on board the "presumptive nominee's" bandwagon, yet.
In time we will (Well, I will.) do all possible to block the rise of the Worst Candidate Ever (‪#‎DumpTrump‬) from winning, but prior to the Dem. convention we 13,000,000 of are still waiting to see just what, if any, promises she will make to Sanders in promising to adopt his key issues which made his campaign one we loved. And voted for. More than we loved her promises. All 13,000,000 of us.
Now we want to see what he can accomplish in securing within her future platform before he officially endorses her. Let him do this work. Allow us to have some concerns with our choices. And trust the process.
I am sure by month's end, he, and many others, will truly all unite to do "the right thing." I am sure of it. Trust the process. And trust that we are not insane or disrespectful to have concerns. And know in the end that we will all unite to do what is best for our world and country given the avenues we have available.
In the end I believe we will all do what is best. However, it's not anti-democratic, or anti-feminist or anti-American to have concerns.

We will do the right thing, but we are still allowed to be...concerned.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quotes only Peter Benchley, or Trump, could love -- Shark Attack, Orange County, CA

Press conference quote recaps re: Great White Shark attack to Maria Korcsmaros' (and Donald Trump) in Orange County, CA.  6/1/16

Surgeon 1:      "...And there are multiple lacerations as one would expect perhaps from multiple teeth."
Reporter A:     "Does it look like one bite over that area, or multiple bites?"
Surgeon 2:      "...It looks like one bite."
Reporter A:     "So one big bite?..."

Quote of the day proving Donald Trump is everywhere these days.  
--- "Were a Trauma Center we see Trump every day."

Thursday, April 21, 2016

In tribute to so much loss of talent in 2016: Someone Great

In tribute to ~

Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince and so many others who chose to leave in 2016.

LCD Soundsystem's tune seems an appropriate choice to address the gaping hole left where their unique brilliance once shined so brightly for so long in our world.

Take nothing for granted.  

Life is so fragile.

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Success" by singer songwriter, Nellie McKay (pssst! It's about Bernie Sanders!)


Written & performed by Nellie McKay

i told her not to cry anymore

i told her not to fight in his war

life was a waste there in a sunday school parade i..

wake up with a rush to the head

pour some coffee and force my dinner

air crisp and the tail lights red

scuttle right now they're getting dimmer

don'tcha know i said this could not be true

anyone could see i's due but you

spend time in your subaru

you got all the perks

is this the scene it ought to be

doesn't seem quite possible

is this the free economy

doesn't seem quite logical

they say hard work is happiness

bang bang bang there goes the bell

i'm heading right towards success

agua fresca, agua pura...

agua fresca, agua pura...

yo le dije no a llorar - i told her not to cry

yo le dije no a limpiar - i told her not to clean

el ascensor no se detendrĂ­a en nube--the elevator would not stop on cloud...

despertar a toda prisa - wake up hastily

encienda el televisor - turn the tv on

comer beber vestirse ir - eat drink dress go

ni un minuto para pensar - not a minute to think

don'tcha know i said it could not be right

anyone could see i'm dyin tonight

getting by on overtime

we got all the work

is this the boon it ought to be

maybe it ain't happened yet

is this the new democracy

doesn't seem compassionate

i hate the time and stretch latex

bang bang bang there goes the bell

i'm heading right towards success

ladies we gather ranks today

to be rather frank in saying

we have been wronged and we've all had enough

come sister join with us

here out on the picket line

you will have a grand old time

sister can you spare a sign

walk the circle take your time

you will not be left behind

sister can you spare a sign

there may be better days but let it be done

let it be done

let it be done

here out on the picket line

you will have a grand old time

sister can you spare a sign

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A video of fabulous celebrity endorsements for Bernie Sanders 2016! Must see!

An amazing array of talent speaking from their heart about why they stand with Bernie Sanders in his run for president 2016.

Speakers include Danny DeVito, Killer Mike, Susan Sarandon, Art Garfunkel, Dick Van Dyke, Spike Lee, Seth Macfarlane, Alan Cumming, Graham Nash, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Mark Ruffalo to Sarah Silverman.

This is a must see. Watch --

Published on Mar 29, 2016
Danny DeVito 00:00
Killer Mike 01:49
Susan Sarandon 03:56
Art Garfunkel 04:33
Dick Van Dyke 05:21
Spike Lee 05:49
Seth Macfarlane 06:48
Alan Cumming 09:16
Graham Nash 09:43
Danny Glover 10:24
Harry Belafonte 10:55
Mark Ruffalo 12:14
Sarah Silverman 13:52

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