Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting my feet wet with Silpada Designs. - or - What happens after that first "Launch Party?"

Or do you shake your head and thank your lucky stars?

I spent $399. for a kit containing 15 pcs. of beautiful jewelry.

Spent some money on office supplies, and a few pitchers of Margaritas and appetizers for my party guests and in one party I made back everything I spent for the Silpada kit, with moola to spare!

I now have more than $1,200 in profits to either spend on bills or reinvest into my display jewelry for future parties. I also have a second party booked for this Friday, so hopefully it will continue to go well. Direct sales is something I never thought I could do, but I truly love most of their product, so it sells itself. Not bad.

Happy to say that so far Silpada Designs business model is pretty perfect for the likes of me even if at first taking orders and thinking like a retailer was hard to remember how to get used to.