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Friday, June 26, 2015

Down the rabbit hole via really strange Vines with Gary Baseman and "The Door Is Always Open."

I just found this collection of vines from a few years ago.  So bizarre to look at today.
I feel like I can hear an endless loop of "artists are so crazy" over and over in my brain from Sondheim's Sunday In The Park with George soundtrack.

The day the girls shot this was an extremely hot day in the middle of the summer and they were working in his parents former apartment which had been shut up like a tomb since they died.  It was a dark, stuffy, dirty, messy ground floor apartment filled with odd costumes and dolls and, truthfully, nobody knew what was really going on, except Holly and Gary.

Here's how Gary (self-described "Pervasive artist.) posted these vines on his feed:  "WildGirls is going to be a dark yet beautiful journey. I am collaborating with Holly Anders in my parents home."

The best thing about the day's collaboration was working with the super gifted, talented photographer, Holly Andres she was as lovely and warm as she is talented and visionary.  No matter how dusty and sweltering the day was, or how monosyllabic Gary Baseman is,  the shoot was a delight just to have the girls work with Holly.  Special thanks to photographer Carolyn Hampton for thinking of suggesting the girls when her beloved Natalie could not be there due to summer camp.  :)


 Cat fight one with Holly Andres

 Pre Wild Girl Fight with Holly Andres

 I love my WildGirls! With Holly Andres

Wild Girls photoshoot with Holly Andres

 My WildGirls in the hands of Holly Andres

Juliet Larsen kicking up her (rainbow) heels in celebration of today's Supreme Court ruling: Equality For All!