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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last minute plea to Americans to call all U.S, Senators to urge vote no on Trumpcare, and share personal story why healthcare is important to you.

Download this:
U.S. SENATE / 115TH CONGRESS LIST OF ALL SENATORS Phone Numbers.…/resour…/pdf/senators_phone_list.pdf

Louise Larsen, Founder/Dir. Parents of Kids with a Severe Peanut Allergy, Founder Indivisible OC 47, Member Indivisible OC and Indivisible Connected Long Beach, reaches out to fellow Americans to join her in a national phone bank action to call all US Senators to either thank them for fighting the passage of Trumpcare and to keep Obamacare in place and work to improve it -- or to let Republican Senators know if they support Trumpcare they will never again see re-election.

Callers are urged to make their personal phone calls to all senators a personal one based on their own healthcare narrative and just why affordable healthcare is a must for themselves and their family.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Not Ready To Make Nice

neither.  am.  i.

This is what you get when you foster kittens

this is a public service announcement.
does the world bum you out?
me, too.
got a few weeks to share?
Go to your shelter and foster some newborn kittens.
life gets better immediately
i promise

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The motley crew otherwise known as the MAGA march

MAGA march: My story.   

I did not attend as protester, or representative of any movement — and certainly not as a marcher. Mostly I felt if anything bad happened I wanted to make sure photos would be taken in support of ALL sides of the story.     If there were going to be "photo ops," then I wanted my photo ops included in any fair visual narrative.

So, with camera in hand I arrived and started capturing things as I saw them.

Note: I arrived long after the original "scuffle" had occurred. I walked mid-march up to the corner of Warner and PCH to Bolsa Chica Beach. There were a handful of protesters toward the end of the march, including two women, who were being badly bullied by an angry white crowd and there was pushing and abuse and screams in the faces of these (at that point) peaceful protesters.  Yes, some of the protesters said things that were bound to stir up anger.  But some protesters were just standing there and being silent.  Holding signs that were anti-Trump, and the silent ones got yelled at as much as the few provocative ones did.

The entire march, what of it I saw, included a great deal of racism and hate, all dressed up in red, white and blue. Not that this surprised me. I live here. I know there are lots of people here who are racist and ignorant. Pretty sure I'm not going to change their mind.  But, I do think their demographic is dwindling in the past year or so.  Some marchers claimed their march had over 3,000 people.  Having walked half of it and stayed at the end of it for the drama, I would say they were lucky to have 1,000 there, total.

For about 10 minutes it stayed calm. Some protesters wore the scarves over their face. But the white MAGA March "tribe of white" pulled off their coverings. I was taking photos from behind the protesters toward the angry white men screaming at them. In honesty, the one protester holding up an anti-nationalist sign did verbally provoke the crowd, which was unfortunate because this crowd wanted more punches thrown and was in hate-mode like I have never seen. But there were a few peaceful, kind, sane protesters at the same spot (The drop-off entrance at Warner and PCH) and I wanted to be there to photograph what happened to them.

The crowd was abusive and tense and the cops did nothing when there was shoving, and knocking and shouts to the protesters they were "bitches, faggots, etc." At one point the crowd around the 4-7 protesters was 4 deep in full pitchfork mode. The cops seemed entirely unwilling to ask them to take a step back and allow free speech to occur. I twice asked the police to request that space be given the protesters, and that in particular I was concerned for the young woman. The police didn't move an inch when the throng crushed down on the, maybe 3-5 protesters. 

They seemed content to let the marchers overwhelm them.
Later when I thought she might be able to leave, she took about 20 steps away from her former stand, and I privately hugged her and told her I was proud of her courage and would be happy to walk with her back to her car. Before she could answer, the same ugly crowd jumped on both of us and quickly became a 360-degree wall of hate, spewing abuse and insults. They said I was a communist, that I should go home. Fellow white women demand to know where I was from and told me to go back home. I calmly said, like you I'm a tax-paying, American voter and actually I happen to live right here. And, by the way, I was ashamed for how all of them were acting and this is not the America I know. 

More communist screaming. I was told to go to Canada (which is amusing given I'm originally from Vermont and love Canada.) However, my concern, to be honest, was for this young woman, maybe the age of my oldest daughter, who was surrounded by a lot of testosterone-driven men in full-on gang hate.  The cops did nothing to stop the fact that the men were pushed up to her from all sides.   Screaming, jeering - calling her all sorts of names.  It got my hackles up seeing this.

I felt protective of her.  She appeared to be a young, college-age Latina. She had the right to be there.

I'm a woman first, then an American. I wanted that young woman out of there safely. I wasn't afraid of these animals, I had photos of most of them at that point, anyway.

Oddly no matter how awful they were to me after I hugged her,  I never felt like a victim because it was my choice to be there. I knew it would be a shit-show to begin with.  And because ahead of time  I knew all the signs at the zoo clearly said, "If you get too close to the monkeys, they WILL throw poop at you."  They did.  No surprise. Woman to woman, I wanted to stand with her and offer her a way out since nobody else was going to.   I thought she showed courage in the face of this mob and and also wanted to help her get to safety.

I encouraged her to leave and hugged her again.  Wasn't going to let the mob keep me from my support.   Then I offered to walk to her car with her, she declined and I then walked to mine.

These are the photos I took.

I also created an album for all my photos, as well.

Video property of  Jonas Domkus who granted me permission to post here on blog.

Below are my pictures of the motley crew otherwise known as the MAGA March:  Nationalists, racists, skinheads, angry liberal-haters, Democrat-haters, Hillary haters, and spouters of ignorance in support of one Donald J. Trump in Huntington Beach, MAGA March. I'm thinking there were only about 1000 people there, which is a far cry from numbers they promised ahead of time. 




more California blondes for Trump
Another adorable deplorable


DEPLORABLE LIVES MATTER.   Thanks for reminding us.

T shirt /Starbucks logo "GUNS & COFFEE" w/flag stuck in ass-pocket

More adorable deplorable's in red, white and blue.

Woman in rubber Hillary mask carries sign"Why aren't I 50 pts ahead (you might ask)."  We didn't.

Proud of all past Republican Presidents, including Trump.

Even her backside was proud 

Assuming he means "build this?" 

Very angry Trump supporter screams her pride for my benefit and an empty sand dune. 

so proud Trumpster.

Another confused Latino.

We won't.

God appointed Trumpster.

Kid surfers for Trump w/backs to empty gorgeous beach on Saturday.  What a waste of a surfboard.

Trump supporter, marching from the comfort of his pick up truck.

just a couple of skinheads and neo-Nazis forTrump

"It's patriotism not racism & ABC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC = FAKE NEWS."
You have no idea how much you will wish this in the future.

More serious Hillary haters.

"America: For life, rights and freedom."   Except the ones Trump denies these to.

"TRUMP: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS."    Sums thins up.  

More Trump fashionistas burning up the runway.

Granny sits with Trump.

"No Democrats allowed in the O.C."  Duly noted.

Rightwing woman desperately seeking FB followers

"KEEP ORANGE COUNTY REPUBLICAN."    Good luck with this.

SOCIALISM SUCKS says t-shirt of grandkid of those grateful for Medicare.
GOP supporters discussing size of Trump's attributes

Super happy people saying not to tread on them

"Tolerance is a two way street."  Said, on a one-way street.

A few agitators who took chances yelling insults at the mob.

Other protesters remained united in protest, but silent.

The face scarves didn't last for long.   

Nationalism Kills the Innocent.  Probably the most vocally provocative protester there.  

"NO DEMOCRATS ALLOWED IN O.C."  Made sure I could read the word "Democrats." 

Exercising their right to get bullied even though they were not blocking anyone.
woman with megaphone nobody noticed much

protester putting up with a lot of abuse to make a very good point.

woman who seems to believe she is in control of something.

Some protesters who remained calm in face of very angry mob.

Skinheads & neo-Nazis for Trump rally.
neo-Nazi in "Hammerskins" logo hanging w/ "West Coast Firm" dude bonding with Guns & Coffee" guy.

self-satisfied bully looking for a fight w/ underpants & belly hanging out
More mob-mentality youth enjoying opportunity to bullying the underdog

More mob-mentality young men enjoying their 15 minutes of glory 

Patriotic mask incase he feels insecure.

Trump fashionista whose mom must be so proud right now

Don't ask me, I didn't make this sign.  Granma did.
face to face confrontations increase while cops hang back and chill

face to face confrontations

Make America testosterone-fueled, stupid, and mean again. 

an hour long game of chicken

Trump piƱata for the worst bday party ever.

man in confederate hat disappointed there will be no lynching that day

A fellow silent supporter gently tapping shoulder of one loud anarchist who should have chilled out more.

Protesters being hassled by skinhead with demonic tat on back of head.

demonic skinheads from Hollywood for Trump

No Name Gang.  See? no name.

T shirt by Infowars.  Central Casting seeks mixed up white dude mad about something and still happy to blame it all on Hillary.  

More friendly skinheads who just want to Make America Great Again.

Even Popeye weighed in.

More giggly skinheads for Trump, whose neck is proud of something.

Silent protester

The many moods of Make America Great Again.

White Nationalist looking as Transylvanian as possible.

Hammerskins member

Removed patriotic mask for his close up.

Another lovely woman elevating the Art of the Jeer 

This is a flag of the German Imperial War Flag from 1867 - It was used by the Nazis before they moved to use swastikas. This flag is used today by neo Nazis as a less obvious alternative than the Nazi flag. It is used in promotion of extreme nationalism and neo-Nazism. Nice. Only the best for Trump.

PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN DEPLORABLE (as opposed to an Icelandic one.)

"GOD GUNS & TRUMP"    More parading to almost zero onlookers.  Seriously.  Between first scuffle and end of march, nobody was there.  Nobody cared.

Carries sign for the "PITCHFORKPARTY.COM"  Just when I thought life was already too literal.

Three Percenter Flag:  Symbol of an extremist anti-gov't group which sprang up in the Obama Era.

Hammerskin logo (White Nationalist: Non-swastika) & West Coast Firm T-shirt, in other words, Trump fans!

Like a rhinestone cowgirl
Told it would all just be like Fourth of July.  (At a NASCAR race.)
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